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Blockley Award

This award is provided through the kind and generous donations of the Blockley family in memory of their son Leo (Lincoln, 2000).


It is offered to a promising current member of Lincoln College Boat Club, whether cox or rower, trialling for a university squad. The award (around £175) is designed to offset kit and equipment costs, ensuring that the best coxes and rowers are supported to fulfill their sporting potential. The award holder is required to trial for the university squad, as well as row for Lincoln following their squad commitments. The award is annually granted in Trinity Term, and previous holders and applicants are welcome to reapply. 

How to apply

Applicants should write a letter to the Boat Club President/Captain of Boats, detailing their previous rowing experience and achievements, their preparations for university trials and their commitment to the club following trialling.


A committee, consisting of senior representatives of the LCBCS Committee, senior representatives of the LCBC Committee and the Senior Member of LCBC, will then decide who is to be awarded the award. This decision will be based on the application letter, past experience of the applicant at LCBC and the particular squad they are trialling for (as some squads have a greater financial cost associated with them).


The closing date for applications is Saturday of 3rd week, Trinity Term.

To find out more

For more information, please get in touch with one of the following (the list of current committee members can be found here.

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