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Christ Church Regatta 2015

Updated: May 21, 2018

The Men’s Side Oxford is full of challenges, and taking up rowing is definitely one of them, which the novice men found out over the course of Michaelmas term. The taster session was a success, with copious amounts of pasta salad luring freshers to the boathouse. They had the chance to get in a boat and try erging. Over the next few weeks they soon learnt the language of rowing, such as “bow 4”, “blades” and the occasional “hold it hard!”. It wasn’t long before they were rowing feathered blades and (almost) in time.

MA at Nephthys

With Nephthys and Christ Church just round the corner, the men discovered the joys of erg sprints and drizzly early morning outings. Two boats raced in Nephthys regatta, MA and MB, a friendly boat including some seniors. MB won their race on Friday and, after a brave fight on Saturday, lost to Exeter MA. After losing their first race, MA got an unexpected second chance as their opposition had been a friendly crew. The crew rallied together for the next race, but were beaten by Corpus MA.

The following week was Christ Church regatta, the main event. After a reshuffle, MB faced Jesus in a Turl Street battle. After the race was claxoned, Jesus progressed to round two and Lincoln MB lost to Wadham MC in the repecharge. Lincoln MB can be very proud of what they achieved in very few weeks.

MA at Christ Church Regatta

MA started their Christ Church campaign with a convincing 3 length win over University MC, projecting them straight to round three on Friday. Having made unbelievable amounts of progress, the men lined up against Trinity MA. Despite their slower start, Lincoln quickly established a long, strong rhythm and were soon taking distance out of Trinity every stroke. However, despite warnings from our cox, Elliot Thornton, Trinity caused a clash of blades, leading to Lincoln restarting. They then had to stop again because of a swan on the course. Trinity won the race, but after an appeal there was a re-race. Confident they were the stronger, faster crew, Lincoln kept their cool and won decisively. Come Saturday, Lincoln MA were the only Lincoln crew left in the competition. With the whole of LCBC behind them, they faced Balliol MA in what was sure to be the toughest race yet. Balliol won by 2 lengths, going on to win the overall competition.

After a very successful term, the novices enjoyed dinner together and can be very proud of what they have achieved this term. Torpids and bumps racing will be another new experience.

Many thanks to the men’s head coach Alice Carrington-Windo, all coxes who helped out, especially Elliot Thornton and Liv Bennett, and all seniors who coached or rowed.

The Women’s Side The novice women had a thrilling term. We had a nice, dry and very busy taster day in 0th week with lots of new faces taking to the water.

Training moved swiftly and successfully, with each boat rowing feathered blades all eight by the end of second week! After many cold early mornings, bad weather and the odd blade put in the wrong side of the boat and some intense ergs we ended up with nineteen keen and dedicated rowers to enter into the races and some fabulous new coxes.

WB at Christ Church Regatta

Two boats were entered into both Nephthys and Christ Church. Haden Spence, Hannah Hodson and Alex Astley all did an amazing job coxing and each boat got a taste of victory. Lincoln women had a great start to Christ Church regatta on the Wednesday, with Lincoln WA beating University college WB by a whole length and Lincoln WB absolutely smashing St Peter’s WB. On the second day, Lincoln WB lost to St Antony’s WC by ¼ length after rowing a very exciting race but they were a friendly boat so Lincoln was able to progress onto the next day anyway. On the Friday, Lincoln WA had a very unlucky race in that stroke’s blade completely came out of the gate off the start but they were still getting away from Jesus WA despite rowing in sevens! After the blade was put back in, Lincoln WA unfortunately caught a crab which allowed Jesus to get ahead and win the race. Lincoln WB rowed over during round 3 as their opponent scratched from the competition, so they got through to round 4! They then lost to Brasenose WA, but they rowed extremely well.

Despite the losses, the Lincoln novices rowed beautifully and they should all be very proud of what they have achieved. Very proud novice captain right here!

“Looking good Lincoln!”- Anonymous spectator on the bank watching Lincoln WB race

“Sexy rowing girls!” – Ellie Jaques, Women’s Lower Boats captain

“OMG I’m so excited.” – Lincoln novice


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