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LCBC in 2017

Updated: May 21, 2018

Under the coaching of Harry Brightmore the men’s side of LCBC had a successful season, albeit slightly short of expectations. The season saw the club receive a bumper crop of novices who were quickly transformed into rowers first by novice coach Andre Nemeth, and then by lower boats coaches Charles Savoie and Ignacio Correa. These new arrivals formed the backbone of M2 crews which were narrowly denied blades in both Torpids and Summer VIIIs.

With the commencement of serious training in Hilary came a massive step up in fitness. Harry made expectations very high, and impressive erg scores suitably followed. According to the 2k tests conducted just before Torpids, both M1 and M2 were some of the fittest boats LCBC had fielded in recent years. Sadly however, at least for M1, the old saying of ‘ergs don’t float’ came true at Torpids and the crew couldn’t find their rhythm on the water. M2, coxed by the very impressive Luke Jackson, looked set for blades and an assault on division 4, only for fate to intervene in the form of a swan. Confident of improvement for Summer VIIIs however, the men’s side went into Easter Vac training with renewed vigour.

The Easter training camp on the Tideway was a great highlight. Rowing down the boat race course in unseasonably warm weather made it fantastic fun. Special mention must go to Thomas Frost, who as President not only organised the camp but also coached it.

Now came the Summer VIIIs campaign, for which M3 qualified to join the higher boats in the regatta. M1 featured returning Isis oarsman Anthonie Jacobson, with coxing duties split by Flora Jago and Liv Bennett. Despite an improvement in water speed since Torpids however, M1 ultimately succumbed to 2 bumps (one after an unfortunate altercation with the bank). Although a disappointing result the crew should all be proud of their efforts and attitude over the course of the year, as well as the great comradeship. M2 coached by Max Marcus, did rather better, and would have achieved blades had the 2 crews ahead of them not bumped out so early on day 1 of the regatta. M3 meanwhile fought valiantly in division 6, including an epic push that saw them keep a chasing boat at a canvas for almost the entire course.

The hard work of the committee and coaches over the course of the 2016-2017 season was really impressive and enabled the Lincoln rowing experience to be enjoyed by so many. We sadly had to say goodbye to Harry Brightmore at the end of the season due to his international racing commitments, but he will be fondly remember for his encyclopaedic rowing knowledge, sharp wit, and his ‘encouragement’ in the erg room. There are a few further special mentions. First to Monty Lamb, vice captain, who’s tireless work helped keep the boat club afloat on numerous occasions when resources and people were stretched. To Claire and Madeleine, our brilliant counterparts on the women’s side. Then to Ignacio Correa, coaching extraordinaire, who ably oversaw M3 training across both terms. Finally, to all the other members of the boat clubs who made the hours spent down on Boathouse Island a pleasure. I look forward to seeing the results of the 2017-2018 season under the captaincy of Olly Featherstone and Tom Pert.


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