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Torpids 2018


A great term of rowing for W1, under the watchful eye of their coach Dylan Mitchell. The girls had a strong performance at the final IWL race coming 6th out of all the women’s crews taking part. They could not have been unluckier at Torpids, being surrounded by the strongest crews on the ISIS. To add to their lack of fortune, on day 1, Jesus’ strong W1 who chased Lincoln, had a bad start on got bumped twice, but managed to catch up and bump Lincoln. The following two days were cancelled due to the snow. On Saturday, Lincoln W1 got bumped off the start by a clearly stronger, more powerful GTC , however, they easily held off Balliol W1 and are set in a good position for next year. Overall: -4


After what had been a fairly rocky term for our Men’s first boat they gave a strong performance in Torpids. On the first day, they bumped St. Anne’s I before Donnington Bridge, making for a very short but successful race. They were lined up for another bump on the next day of racing however, with 2 days of racing cancelled and the final day converted to split divisions, they then had to row as sandwich boat. This made for a very difficult race, with LMH I and Exeter I chasing them. Unfortunately, coming down green banks Exeter achieved overlap on LMH, and LMH overlap on Lincoln. This was maintained until the end of boathouse island where, in the space of a single stroke, Exeter bumped LMH and LMH bumped Lincoln. Overall: -1


On the first day of Torpids these girls had a very difficult race, with Wolfson III ahead and set for a strong performance, they had to plan to try to wear them down later in the course. Unfortunately, Balliol II were hot off the start and bumped our girls early on. Then coming in to the gut the girls were bumped again by Linacre II, who themselves had been bumped by New II. Out of the gut there was some confusion over boats that had ended in the bank, and so the girls rowed over, to find out at the finish line that they had rowed past a live boat coming out of the boat and so achieved a bump. Sadly, weather conditions did not permit them to race a second time. Overall: -2


Yet another year for this crew where their strength didn’t have a chance to be shown. M2 has had an incredible term and, under the coaching of Pete Fisk, improved rapidly to become one of the strongest crews in Div V. The first day of racing brought them a bump under Donnington Bridge, with prospects of more bumps over the ensuing days. Given the weather conditions, M2 sadly were not allowed to race again meaning that they didn’t get the opportunity to move further up the rankings. Overall: +1


W3 managed to compete in the Rowing-On time trials before torpids, with a heavily substituted crew meaning that they unfortunately did not get to display the rowing they have been doing all term. They rowed very well however, unfortunately, didn’t manage to qualify. Therefore, this was their only race.


Although M3 trained all term as an 8, several were unavailable to compete in Torpids. Without any substitutes available they did not get a chance to row in rowing on, and so didn’t race at all.


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