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Torpids 2022 - blades for M1!

March 2022

Quickfire results:

M1: +4 (blades!)

W1: +-0

M2: -4

W2: +3

Every Lincoln crew bumped on day 4!


The boys in blue came through during Torpids, bumping every day and earning themselves a set of blades - an unusual feat for a college top boat. One by one, Brasenose, Exeter, Hugh's and Corpus M1s met their match. Lincoln's M1 secured themselves a firm position back in men's division 2, placing them in ninth place in this division.


W1 was surrounded by some fierce competition this year. The crews in the top half of women's division 2 spent the whole week jostling for position, battling it out for a bump. On day 1 W1 were bumped by Brasenose, only to achieve the overbump on Somerville right on the finish line. On day 2, the division 2 crews proved that they were evenly matched when almost everyone in the top half rowed over. Day 3 saw another tough row-over, but on day 4 (despite being bumped by Teddy Hall in the Gut) they managed to catch Balliol, executing a contact bump right in front of the LCBC boathouse. They finished the regatta in sixth position in women's division 2.


Of all Lincoln crews this Torpids, M2 certainly had the most rollercoaster-worthy ride. A tough row on day 1, followed by a broken rudder and bent fin on day 2, a row-over on day 3 and finally that sweet bump on Brasenose on day 4 certainly provided the drama that gives bumps racing its unique character. However, they didn't let the mishaps damage their spirit - well done M2 for such a valiant effort! They finished third in men's division 5.


Lincoln's W2 had it all to do this regatta. They began at the top of women's division 5, with the aim of bumping their way back into fixed divisions. With unfailing tenacity, they faced the challenge with gusto, and following some setbacks (including one quite grim day where they had to row twice in the drizzle) they bumped Wadham and St John's to secure their place safely within women's division 4. They will begin Torpids 2023 on the tenth bungline of this division.

Due to poor weather conditions, coxing on the last three days of Torpids was restricted to X and S status coxes. Many thanks go to Kate Shore (M1), Julian Torres-H-Bonilla (W2 and M1), Kate Halcrow (W1), Heather McTaggart (W2) Simone Fasciati (M2) and Arnau Bertran (M2) for stepping in and allowing all Lincoln's crews to keep racing.

Despite the rain and occasional mixed fortunes, the week was dominated by the indomitable LCBC spirit. Bring on Summer Eights!

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