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About us

Lincoln College Boat Club (LCBC) provides rowing facilities for the students of Lincoln College, Oxford.

Despite being a small college, we have a very large boat club for our college's size. The club includes a balanced split of undergraduate and postgraduate students and is Lincoln's largest sports society. Participating in a mixture of outings on the water, land training sessions and social events, our members form a supportive, tight-knit and welcoming community, with many of them forging lifelong friendships with their teammates.

A combination of our Lincolnites' steely determination to excel and the fantastic work of the committee has produced huge success for the club in recent years. Our men's and women's first boats have their eyes set on the first divisions of both Torpids and Summer Eights. Our M1 won blades in Torpids 2022. Our lower boats fight to obtain and maintain places in fixed divisions in every regatta, often with impressive results.

LCBC SE2022 First Batch-6110.jpg

LCBC prides itself on being a truly inclusive club, welcoming rowers and coxes from novice to international level and making sure that each and every member receives top level coaching and support. We are one of the few clubs in Oxford who do not charge membership fees, giving anyone who wants to be part of the boat club the opportunity to do so. 

We govern ourselves in accordance with our constitution, which can be viewed here.

LCBC has an amazing social side. From drinks in Deep Hall, film nights, ice cream and pizza  socials right through to formal dinners, there is something for everyone at LCBC. The social secretaries work tirelessly to provide a buzzing social life for all members of the club.

We also offer an annual training camp over the Easter vacation which gives rowers and coxes a fantastic chance to build on their training and gain valuable experience leading up to Summer Eights.

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