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Oriel Regatta 2022

June 2022

Some people think that the college rowing calendar ends with Summer Eights...but the real finale is Oriel Regatta.

Oriel Regatta is a series of races on a Saturday towards the end of Trinity Term. Whereas Summer Eights is more about performance and college pride, the emphasis with Oriel Regatta is placed on enjoyment and a light-hearted atmosphere. It's a chance to meet rowers from other colleges and generally have a good time rowing.

LCBC entered four crews this year - one mixed eight filled entirely with Lincoln rowers, and three crewdVIII eights (where four Lincoln rowers are matched with four rowers from another college and they all row in an eight together).

Our mixed eight unfortunately didn't make it through the first round, but their stylish outfits unquestionably stole the show.

All three of our women's crewdVIII crews made it through to the quarter finals. Two of them (Lincoln x New and Lincoln x Lady Margaret Hall) made it through the semi-finals and ended up rowing against each other in an excitingly close race. The Lincoln x LMH crew won this and made it through to the final, where they glided up the course and easily beat the competition by lengths of clear water.

The result? Lincoln achieved 1st and 3rd place in Oriel Regatta 2022. And a thoroughly good time was had by all.

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