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Torpids 2016

After a term with very limited water time, Lincoln’s boats came to Torpids fit but lacking in crucial water experience.  Morale was high however, and with a few water sessions pre-race, the crews felt ready to compete and aimed to bump up the charts.  The club was once again delighted to field three women’s boats and two men’s during Torpids as well as a fourth women’s boat in Rowing On.

Many thanks to our coaches this term and coxes for bearing with poor conditions and putting together a strong term of training and rowing opportunities.


W1 trained under the rigorous direction of coach Maxie Scheske all term, and entered Torpids with the high aim of bumping into Division I, but were disappointed to see that fall short despite several strong attempts.  Day 1 saw Lincoln chasing New College, who managed to hold Lincoln at one length down the course.  Despite a stronger finish than New, W1 was unable to make up the distance on them, and so rowed over, leaving a chasing LMH boat far behind.  On Day 2, Lincoln quickly bumped Worcester before the Gut, and returned to the boathouse for a quick break before rowing as sandwich boat at the bottom of Division I.  Unfortunately, W1 once again chased New, repeating the previous day’s racing.  It was with excitement and trepidation that Lincoln started Day 3 at the head of Div II.  Unfortunately, a strong Keble crew bumped Lincoln near Univ boathouse after an exciting chase down Greenbanks.  This meant that Day 4, Lincoln rowed over as second in the division failing to catch Keble.  Overall, W1 finished Torpids where they began as second in Div II.  We look forward to next year and another opportunity to break into Division I.


With a half novice boat and little water time this term, M1 faced a steep challenge coming into Torpids.  It’s a great credit to the men and their coach, Alice Carrington-Windo, that the crew pulled together a competitive racing performance.  Starting 2nd in Division II, the men rowed over the first day behind St John’s on Day 1.  Determined to make good the second day, Lincoln were in a close battle to bump Worcester before being bumped by Pembroke II, but after much excitement, it was Pembroke II who prevailed, ultimately going onto Division I and blades.  Day 3 saw Lincoln nervous in their position, and the crew were unable to fend off Teddy Hall’s strong rhythm.  Unfortunately, Day 4 also saw Lincoln bumped with a blades winning Univ crew spurred to speed behind them.  Lincoln finished fifth in Div II and will be looking to regain their position in next year’s Torpids.  The athletes are eager for Eights and the opportunity to train through the spring.


With many returning rowers and under the expert eye of coach Harry Brightmore, W2 entered Torpids strong favourites in the club.  They had a ‘bumpy’ Torpids campaign that put their rowing fitness and focus to the test.  On Day 1, Lincoln braced itself for a tough race, and to the delight of all overbumped Green Templeton II before the Top Gut.  Day 2 saw them reverse position as (blade-winning) New II bumped them at the exit of the Gut and Lincoln didn’t manage to catch Univ II who rowed over ahead of them.  However, on Day 3, Lincoln reversed the previous day’s result and bumped Univ.  Day 4 saw them less lucky, and despite a klaxoned division, they were bumped by Regent’s Park.  Lincoln W2 ended Torpids where they began, fourth in Division IV.


With little water time, M2 came together, improving astonishingly quickly in the days before Torpids.  Coached by Leah Rand, they prepared for an unpredictable men’s Division V.  Day 1 saw them gain a quick bump on Worcester II.  The next day, they rowed over in a close race against Brasenose II, closing to half a length on the crew, but unable to make up the distance.  Unfortunately, M2 didn’t have  a chance to catch Brasenose, since on Day 3 they were bumped by a charging Trinity III, and after an entanglement with them were also bumped by Teddy Hall II.  Day 4, M2 were bumped by St Hugh’s II, and then chased down University II but were unable to make the bump.  M2 ended Torpids down two places as fifth in Division V.  With more water time to come, they look forward to Eights.


Coached by Rebekka “Bex” Harding-Smith and Carolyn Hicks, W3 started their Torpids with a strong Rowing On performance.  Qualifying 10th in Rowing On and beating multiple W2’s, W3 looked set for a good Torpids.  Unfortunately, their campaign was plagued with klaxons.  Day 1 saw Division V klaxoned soon after the start.  Day 2 proved more fortuitous with Lincoln bumping Hertford II.  Day 3 and W3 once again rose bumping Green Templeton II (who had been descending since Day 1 when W2 bumped them).  This put W3 in the exciting position of sandwich boat on Day 4 with the possibility of breaking into fixed divisions.  W3 rowed over comfortably in their first race and prepared for Division IV. Closing on Hugh’s II, Lincoln were feet from a bump when a klaxon stopped racing and dreams of fixed division this year.  Lincoln W3 ended Torpids up two places at the top of Division V, the only women’s Rowing On division.  We hope that next year will see them break into fixed divisions as the only W3 there.


Plagued by injury and low numbers, coach Will Graham and the dedicated rowers trained all term and managed to put together an eight for Rowing On.  Despite a terrible headwind and scratch crew, W4 had a good time in Rowing On and beat two boats (a 2nd and 3rd boat!).  The club was delighted to be able to field a boat and see all its rowers race after a tough term.


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